Meet the team behind spider videos
Spider Videos worker
Lyuboslav Alexandrov
CEO and Marketing Manager
Hello, I’m Lyuboslav

I will be taking care of the whole process of your video production. You are also going to get my professional opinion about the different stages and elements of your production, video optimization and advertising campaigns. The first stage of the production is always research and script writing. This will be taken care of by our script writer – Zornitsa.
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Spider Videos worker
Online Script Writer
I have been in the advertising industry for 10 years. My task is to analyze the target groups of your business and create a script that talks directly to your buying personas, creates trust, gets you understood and noticed. It needs to get your viewers in the right emotional state for conversion and motivate them to act. Once you have approved your script it goes to the actors at the voiceover studio with Chris.
Spider Videos worker
Sound and voiceover
Chris – I’ve been in the voiceover and sound industry for 11 years. Me and my colleges will find matching voiceover actors for your explainer video and propose a few different options. Then we analyze the right intonation and emotions of the different paragraphs in the script and record in our professional studio.Then your voiceovers go to the animation studio!
Spider Videos worker
Graphic designer and animator
Ernest – I am the graphic designer and animator of the team. I love watching animations and what’s more – I love creating them. Once I receive your video’s voiceovers, I will create a storyboard for your animation. With it you will be able to see and feel how the finished product is going to look. Then we revise the visual elements and create the animation according to your needs. If you need 3D animation, Victor will take care of that.
Spider Videos worker
Special effects and 3D animator
Hello, I’m Nick. I’m the 3D animator and special effects wizard of the team. I’ve worked on a few movies, a couple of full-length animation films and some smaller productions. I will be taking care of all the 3D elements and special effects that your video needs. The 3D animation introduces a more realistic experience to your viewer. It lets them see your product in its realistic shape and size.
Spider Videos worker
Video editing
Michael has been doing video edit and animation for 5 years. His products have won a lot of prizes and competitions for him. He also has wonderful coding skills. Michael is a part of the team since the very beginning. His dream is to work for Pixar one day.
Spider Videos worker
Music and sound effects
Martin – Hey I’m Martin and my task is to add custom music sound effects to your animation. Your explainer video’s music needs to match the emotional state that your viewer should be in while watching. That will increase the percentage of people taking action after watching your video. The sound design is the last step of the video production phase. After that comes time for your campaign!