How to choose a camera for your business

October 21, 2013

How to choose a camera for your business?



Michael Cyrilov (Misho)

Michael Cyrilov (Misho)

One of the most important things when you’re getting into video marketing is choosing the right camera. 

No matter the situation, you will undoubtedly need a video camera for the filming. But how to choose the ideal camera that meets your budget and needs?

Today we will analyze three essential characteristics of video cameras and then categorize the different types of devices that are mostly used in business.


Often the most expensive new model has a superfluous amount of functionalities you probably won’t ever use. You must be smart with your choice of a video camera. There are cheap options on the market, which deliver excellent results without breaking the bank. When buying don’t forget to calculate the additional costs of batteries, memory cards, protection cases, lighting and so on.

HD quality

The resolution is actually the quality of the video. There is no established standard but generally a video image of 480p (North America) and 570p (Europe) is considered high definition. The way of displaying the video is called Progressive scanning. It is based on drawing all the lines of the image of each frame in a sequence. In “480p”, the number 480 signifies the number of lines and the letter p stands for Progressive.


It is extremely important that you have a quality sound recording device. Whether it is built-in or external, wired or not, shotgun, lavalier or whatever the model you must ensure that your microphone does the job. This is far more important for the whole viewer experience than the depth of the video image or the blurred background.


Business Camera Categories


cameraSmartphone Camera

Nowadays, smartphones can make decent videos.

The perfect option here are iPhone 4 and 5, Nokia Lumia, Samsung Galaxy S4.  Their functionality. What is nice about them is that it is quite possible that you already have such device so you don’t have to spend extra money.

The problem with these devices however, is their design. It isn’t meant for filming. This leads to a lot of wiggling and shaking which drastically lowers the quality.

The solution is a stance or a tripod. Set your phone in landscape mode, adjust the lighting and connect the device with an external microphone.

We recommend that you use this camera when you lack the time, the budget and the nerves for a high quality production. These devices are the best when you just need an unpretentious business video for your marketing strategy.

h3_inhousing_315_black (1)

GoPro video camera

This extremely handy camera has great functionality despite its small size. It really does pack a punch. Its charm is because of its endurance against extreme conditions.

You can attach the GoPro to a surfboard, helmet, bike or whatever you wish. The opportunities are endless. It is ideal for a specific type of video, when you want to give the viewer an exciting first person perspective of the action.

Our recomendation:  GoPro Hero 3 + Black Edition

The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition is the flagship product in the Hero3 range, which includes the mid-range Silver Edition and the entry-level White Edition. We have the regular GoPro Hero3 Black Edition, but there’s also a Surf Edition that comes with special adhesive mounts designed especially for mounting the camera to a surfboard. 

In addition to the supplied Wi-Fi remote, the Black Edition also has a beefed-up, higher resolution 12MP camera. By way of comparison, the Silver Edition gets an 11MP snapper, while the entry-level White Edition only gets a 5MP sensor. In addition to the full 12MP, the Black Edition also shoots at 7MP and 5MP if needed.


sony_handycam_hdr_xr500vThese standard video cameras are middle class. They lack the crystal depth of field but still do excellent fob. Camcorders deliver high quality videos and offer control over the production process. 

You can always hook them with an external microphone, which will improve significantly the video. These are perfect if you insist on a little more professionalism but still don’t wish to delve into technical details.

A wonderful camcorder is Sony Handycam HDR-XR500V.

What’s special about it is the easy to use audio jack which gives the ability to plug a mic. Moreover, there is handy knob that controls the light exposure. The camera also has its own hard disc drive of 120 GB.

This relieves the constant stress of having to free up from accumulated video materials.

DSLR cameras

These are elite high-class cameras that give absolute control over the production process. The abbreviation DSLR stands for Digital single-lens reflex.

These devices offer flexibility, precision and unrivaled functionality.

You can create breath-taking masterpieces with the aid of such cameras. However, their greatest strength is their greatest weakness.

EOS_5D_Mark_III_Default_tcm135-932815To take full advantage of the DSLR’s potential you need a devoted and knowledgeable videographer. He must adjust the focus, lighting, lenses and so on. We recommend the DSLR if you really insist on high-end professionalism and elite quality.


Our suggestion in this section is Canon EOS 5D Makr III.

What’s special about it is its intuitive design, speed and exceptional performance when shooting video. There is a wind noise reduction option and a dedicated silent control setting for shooting movies.

This removes from the annoying clicks and side noises from the soundtrack. Native movie formats are 1,920×1,080 pixels at 30 frames per second, 25fps or 24fps, 1,280×720 pixels at 60fps or 50fps, and 640×480 pixels, again at 60fps or 50fps

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