Corporate video – How a corporate video could help your brand?

June 4, 2013

Corporate video


Corporate video is one of the modern weapons of today’s business. It is becoming a more and more popular method for attracting the attention of the website’s visitors. A corporate video could help your brand in a few ways.

It’s much easier for Google

It’s much easier for Google to notice your website since it has video results search integrated. This makes your website stand out and get noticed not only by the search engines, but by your leads too.

corporate video

Optimizing a corporate video is much easier than optimizing a website since everyone has a website these days. “How to” videos do a great job at bringing traffic from YouTube too!

A corporate video has the value of a thousand pictures

Have you ever been in this situation: you like a software, you download it but there is no clear explanation how to use it or install it. What do you do next?

You delete it.

The company who just offered you a trial of their product just lost a potential life-long customer. Would it be different if they invested some money in the creation of a corporate video to explain to you how to use it or how to install it? You betcha!

The credibility

The credibility your brand gets from a corporate video. Nobody likes to waste their time. Explaining your product or service with 24 frames per second can give the final push towards purchase.

The corporate video is a new marketing tool that is not well incorporated in the online business presence. Being aware of it and using this fact can position your brand as a leader in your niche.

Those are just three of the numerous ways that a corporate video can help your brand. If you want to know more…

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