4 Big Explainer Video Mistakes That Cost Companies MILLIONS In Revenue

November 11, 2015


If producing an explainer video for your company has been on your mind for some time now – READ CAREFULLY.

There is a huge hype in the marketing world related to the production of explainer videos.

Yes, they can be a great tool for your startup or business. And yes, they can help you get traction really fast.

But lots of business owners fail to realize that explainer videos can also produce negative results if not produced or used correctly.

What do we mean by that?

Explainer videos are not bulletproof. 

Strategic and production explainer video mistakes can cause a zero or negative return of investment. 

This is why today we will try to map out a few of the most common mistakes you can make with your explainer video.

explainer video mistakes1. Being Self-Centered

Nobody likes watching videos that go on and on about how cool some brand is. But instinctively most people try to show off how cool what they’ve built is. 

This never works. 

Your customers have their own problems. Talk about them in your video.

Show them that your business is here to serve them and not just so you can look cool. Show them that you care, you have compassion for their situation and that your solve focus is solving your problem.

As soon as they see that your intentions are good, they will watch your video, take action and also share it with a friend who might have a similar problem.

This is one of the huge differences between winning and losing in the world of explainer videos. 

explainer video mistakes2. The Length of Doom

Explainer videos are made to explain a product or service in a clear-cut way. If your video goes on for too long, your audience might get bored and stop watching the video half way into it.

Once that happens you’ve lost a potential customer. 

You need your viewers to watch your video completely through to the end to hear your business pitch.

But then how long should your video be?

It’s field proven that 30-second videos are watched all the way through by 85% of your audience, while average 2-minute videos are viewed by just 50% of them.

Videos longer than 2-minutes display a drastic view drop-off.

But 90-second videos give you enough time to explain your business idea without boring anyone.

video-mistakes3. No Clear Call To Action

Everything you write or publish should have a desired outcome that benefits you and the reader.

It could be to make a sale, or to get them to download your app. 

Maybe you just want them to sign up to your e-mail list. 

Whatever it is that you want, you need to explicitly tell them to do it, and let them know why they should do it.

Show them what URL they should visit, use the stylized website interface in your explainer video and explain where to click in order to buy or how to download your app. 

explainer-video4. Copying your competitors

We see lots of people who like to look out for external validation for their scripts.

And that can be a good habit if you are looking for the validation of your customers. 

But many business owners lose their customer-based focus from time to time and start looking at what their competitors are doing.

And then it all starts by borrowing one idea, then two… and before they know it their explainer video turns into a Frankenstein of the ideas of their competitors. 

And it loses its focus of the customer. Not only that, but viewers start having the weird feeling that they’ve seen that video somewhere before and bounce before they get to the closing part.

And then people wonder why their video “Didn’t work”…

These are just four of the most common explainer video mistakes business owners make. 

In our free report “The 10 Most Expensive Explainer Video Mistakes And How To Avoid Them” we’ve compiled a list of 10 more. 

mistakes video

You will learn the 10 mistakes that you need to avoid when producing your video and how to create a video that will get you results fast. 

You will also get to know how to steer away from the mistakes all of your competitors will make and how to stand out from the crowd guaranteed. 




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