Explainer Video Production: The 8 Crucial Steps

March 7, 2016


Have you ever done an explainer video production for your comapny? No?

Is the sea of scripts, voice-overs and whatnot overwhelming you with all its terminology and multiple complex processes?

If that’s the case, you are probably feeling a little lost and confused about the process, but don’t panic! We are here to help.

In a simple and straightforward format, we at Spider Videos put together a detailed walk-through of the video creation process to give you a good idea of how we proceed about making your explainer video.

This little tutorial will cover everything you need so you can know the making of explainer videos inside out for your next video with us, and many more to come.

First things first, let’s get to it!

1. Researchglass

The first thing we will want to do before starting your explainer video production is to go through the research phase.

At this step our team dig deep into your brand so we know it like the palm of our hand.

We want to know all your qualities, your goals, your mission and every single other bit that makes your company unique so we can translate all these aspects into your explainer video.

Armed with this insight, we agree with you on a concept and direction for your video, and start plotting the process and plan for the video’s production.

2. Script Writingexplainer video production

The second step of the explainer video production process is script writing, where we decide what will happen in the video, what will the voice actors say and so on.

In order to really engage the viewer and accomplish the goals you’ve set for the production during the research phase, you need to have a killer script and that’s what we’re here for.

The script is the core and soul of the video, the foundation on top of which all the other bricks are laid. Without a good script, you can have the best voice-over and the best animation in the whole wide world and it will still not bring good results.

Because the script is so important, getting the final version down requires a lot of revising and some back and forth to ensure we get everything just right.

This step is by far the most critical part of the production.

3. Voice-overmicrophone_studio_record_sound_broadcast_flat_icon-512

Based on the final version of the script you agree to and the branding information gathered in the beginning during the research part of the process, we bring a professional voice artist into the studio to record a read-through of the script.

During this phase of explainer video production, we will work closely with you to help you choose an actor whose voice and accent are a perfect match for your audience and for your needs too.

Having the right voice to represent your company will positively affect the results your video will generate, as your audience is sure to listen more closely to a voice they can identify with or one that feels familiar.

4. Character design

To connect with the audience you need them to relate to your video, and what is exactly what we help you achieve.

For your video to really bring the results you want, we design a character from scratch that is meant to not only represent your target customers but also one that looks just like them. explainer video production

The goal with the representation is to make the audience see themselves in your character, and we enhance this by placing this character in specific situations that your audience can relate to personally.

5. Storyboards & Styleframes

Once the final voice-over is complete and ready to go and the character has been fully designed and fleshed out, the next step in the process is to create a storyboard.

In most cases, this means a digital representation of every single frame that will be in your video so you can see how the finished version will look like and change anything you don’t like before we animate it.

explainer video production

Other companies still prefer to draw the storyboard as a sketch, constricting it to paper but here at Spider Videos we design the storyboard digitally and with the aim to animate it later.

When we do this our way, the animation can be made straight from the original storyboard, the final version looks just like the storyboard version you approved, and this helps us save time and deliver the final video to you faster.

6. Animationexplainer production

Once the designer has completed all the frames of the video, the storyboard is sent straight to the animator.

During this step of the explainer video production process, the animator breaks every layer of the storyboard apart and animates each piece to match the voice recording properly.

Essentially, this process is what brings the video to motion and life..

7. Sound Designcontrol_panel_music_player_equalizer_audio_interface_sound_mixer_navigation_bar_menu_button_play_flat_design_icon-512

Our professional sound designer will want to make sure the audio of the video tells you just as much as the images.

A good video must be good all-around.

During this step the sound designer will layer in custom sound effects in order to represent every movement in the video, and add a music track that matches it as well.

Depending on what fits best, sometimes the sound designer will create a completely new music track for your video, and sometimes they will choose and fit in a great royalty-free track that enhances the final results.

serving_food_tray_plate_restaurant_service_flat_design_icon-5128. Finishing the explainer video production

Finally, at this stage an editor will carefully mix all the scenes created with the final mixdown of audio received from the sound designer.

They will then render and deliver the very final version of your video in the applicable formats and submit it to you. At the end of our complex yet rewarding process, you are now ready to upload your video and start seeing the results from it appear!


Keep an eye open for tomorrow’s article in your inbox. In the next post we will cover is what is the ideal length for your explainer video.


Stay tuned, and always feel free to get in touch and ask any questions you may have!

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