Explainer Video Script: The Ten Explainer Video Script Writing Sins

April 17, 2014

The ten most common explainer video script mistakes.

explainer video scriptThe explainer video script is one of the most important parts of your video production along with the voice-over.

A lot of business owners are turning to explainer video companies so they can explain their business to their customers better, get more attention, grow their revenue and become a leader in their niche.

But simply producing an explainer video is not enough. It needs to be meaningful, creative and adapted to the expectations and understanding of the target market.

This is why there is no place for mistakes when writing your explainer video script.

The effect of your video depends on it, so the flawless written explainer video script is a MUST.   

In this article we’ve outlined the ten deadly sins that you should avoid when writing your explainer video script.


1. Writing a long explainer video script

Patience is a virtue that your users lack.

And since they are going to be your viewers you need to have this in mind. Research shows that two minutes is the maximum amount of time that a random internet user can focus on a new video.

So write your explainer video script short, full of valuable information and no BS.


2. Delaying the message

A deadlier sin than the long explainer video script is to delay your message.

The goal of your explainer video is to communicate with your viewers the idea and benefits of your business. If you do not achieve this in the first 30 seconds, you’ve lost them. Do not delay the message of your business until the end of the script. This might lose you a huge part of your viewers.


3. Formality

A common mistake that amateurs make when writing a script is being formal.

Instead of provoking a conversation between your brand and your clients, they try to “play it safe” and sound “professional”. Sometimes that might work, but most of the time it fails epicly in building a relationship with your audience.



4. Not thinking like a client

When you are writing a script, you should be in your customer’s shoes.

What are they afraid of? What do they want to achieve? Not speaking about this is an elementary yet a common mistake that you should NOT make.

Make sure that you’re thinking as your client instead of the shiny effects in your video.


5. Not making it entertaining

Tell a story instead of bombarding your viewers with statistics, researches and facts.

Most startup companies make this mistake when writing their explainer video script. Their content sounds boring! Tell a story about your business, your customers or staff. Use the right emotion.  


6. Read your explainer video script slowly

You have a limited time to have an impact on your viewers.

This does not mean that you should go through your information with the speed of light and then hope that they heard and understood you.

The ideal speed of talking is about 150-180 words in 60 seconds. The pauses between sentences give the viewers time to assimilate the information, do not underestimate them.


7. Narcissism

Do not talk about yourself.

Do not try to qualify, do not try to show off your diplomas and do not try to tell your autobiography. Talk entirely about your clients, their needs, fears and frustrations and how your product is going to help them from point A to point B. Your video needs to be like a mirror of your clients. A mirror that reflects their problems and needs, not your logo and so on.



Repeating the same words and terms in following sentences is unprofessional.

It shows a lack of a vocabulary. If you have to deal with terms before you start writing your script, think of at least two more ways to say/describe them and use it in the text. Never let terms from the end of one sentence be the terms that the next sentence begins with.


 9. Ambiguous sentences

Do not let interpretation be a reason to lose the sale.

It is not only unprofessional, but it can also lead to trouble with the law and losing trust. A few big companies had to pay huge taxes for their advertising campaigns when it turned out that ambiguity  had some of their clients buying for the wrong reasons.

So convey your message in a clear way.


10. Use your client’s words.

What kind of terms does your target market use to describe what they need?

Do they use foreign words, jargon or dialect? If you want to get their approval then you MUST speak their language. Tell then what they want to hear and how they want to hear it. Results are guaranteed.


Your explainer video is a key component of your business and the script is it’s skeleton. Do not make any compromises with it and don’t let these ten mistakes when you are writing your explainer video script.

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