The 7 Explainer Video Tips On How To Use Your Videos

January 30, 2016

The 7 Explainer Video Tips 


So, have decided you want to create an explainer video for your company but don’t have even the slightest idea where to use it.

These days, there are so many choices it gets hard to choose, doesn’t it? Maybe you should just upload the video to YouTube, embed it on your homepage and just pray for the best?

This struggle is felt across the world by many companies, but fear not! We at Spider Videos have come to your rescue.

We have created a list of the 7 most effective ways to use your explainer video in order to maximize your profit and get the best results from it.


Explainer Video Tip #1: Sales Teamsexplainer video tips

Have you already realized how your sales team can take advantage of your new shiny explainer video? The potential here is enormous, and you should put all your contacts to use this time.

You can share your explainer video with the members of your sales team and have them send the video to all prospective clients in their database.

Having your prospective clients watch your explainer video and get a better idea of how your product or services benefit them will make prospecting and sales much faster and easier for you, helping your sales team close sales much faster and efficiently.

explainer video tips

Explainer Video Tip #2: Training and Internal Communications

Another very useful but little explored application for an explainer video is for training and internal communication purposes.

We create many of these videos to communicate and explain new initiatives across the entire company, saving some very precious time in situations that would have otherwise demanded a staff member to go and one by one address different teams.

This would result in a decreasing productivity and a delay in the spreading of the message since a person can only be in one place at any given time.

If your company is about to go through a merger, you can use an explainer video to show your employees what changes will come to your organization.

Whatever the situation, if you ever find yourself in need to communicate messages across all levels of your company, explainer videos are your best friend.

Their format is friendly, they deliver messages clearly and are time effective, ensuring all of your company gets a hold of important information right away.

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Explainer Video Tip #3: Trade Shows

Do you have a trade show coming up? Having an explainer video at your booth is a fantastic way to multiply your contacts and help you close more sales and deals.

Put yourself in someone else’s shoes: you are walking around at a trade show, and you have your eyes open for interesting booths.

Let’s say you see three different booths next to each other. All three of them have banners, flyers and all that, with staff distributing these to whomever walks nearby. You see the names, you see their logo and a tagline too. However, one of these booths has a video playing.

In this situation, our hero will have their attention completely drawn to the booth with the video, and the reasons are very simple.

Booths without videos need people to actively approach them and then talk to the people there to obtain any additional information. It is an active process, and one many people don’t feel inclined to do – especially since they don’t know that much about the company and product displayed.

However, a booth with a video is a walk in the park for anyone at the trade show. All they need to do is stop, relax for a minute and just look at a screen which is conveniently displaying relevant information in a straightforward format, telling them everything they need to know.

The viewer, now more educated about the brand, is much more likely to approach the booth and make a purchase.

Your job as a sales person is to make the prospective customer’s life easier, plain and simple. Your video will pre-qualify the people who are interested in what you offer and your time will be well invested talking to them. 


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Explainer Video Tip #4: Raising Money

Fundraising is also an excellent use of explainer videos. Having a clear visual representation of what does your company do and where will the funds go makes people much more likely to trust you with their support and most of all their money.

A popular example is how the now-giant Dropbox used a great explainer video to impress venture capitalists and get the funding they needed to turn their brand into what it is now.

Most crowdfunding websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo focus on the video part of your pitch, so having a killer explainer video is the best way to generate funding and captivating audiences.

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Explainer Video Tip #5: Launching Products

Product launches are another great time to use explainer videos.

Tech monster Google used an explainer video to announce Google Drive had become available for example, and a lot of our clients have gone down the same route.

Explainer videos are a great way to announce a new product and make sure your customers know exactly how it works so they can join the bandwagon right away!

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Explainer Video Tip #6: Digital Marketing

Nowadays, the main use of explainer videos is in digital marketing.

There are many ways an explainer video can be used in this sphere.

Most of the time you will find it on a company’s website, aiming to increase conversion rates by demonstrating the product or service the company is offering in action.

Other times you will find it uploaded to Youtube, LinkedIn, Vimeo and other websites so that people find the video there then proceed to the company’s page to close the sale.

Hopefully after reading this article you have learned that digital marketing is not the only way to use your explainer video, but it still remains a great way to use it.

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Explainer Video Tip #7: Getting the Video onto Your Website

Last but not least, you need to figure out how to get the video onto your site. The good news is that there are quite a few hosting options available.

You can use the most popular options like YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia or your own CDN.

Once you upload your video, make sure the viewers have a clearly defined step to take action. It may be a subscription form, a Buy Now button or a membership form. 

Whatever it is, make sure they can see it right after they watch your video so you can get the most out of your explainer video.

Watch out for tomorrow’s video in your inbox, where we are going to cover how to create a call to action that will make your viewers convert! 

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