Web video tips – How to brand your web video?

May 21, 2013

How to brand your web video?

As a web video production company we watch what our competitors produce all the time. Sometimes we are really inspired by what we see and sometimes we just… pull our hair out.

Web video production can be a really hard task. It needs to be well branded but not full of logos and slogans. In this blog post we have revealed a few good and a few bad ways to use branding in your web video.

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Good web video branding:

Include logo, call to action and your details. Your viewers must be absolutely aware that you are selling them product X from the brand Y. Give a lot of attention to your call to action. Even if you have offered the most amazing product of service, your web video will not convert as well if you don’t explain how to purchase.

Use the colors and the styling of your brand.

This is a perfect way to make your viewers feel like they are watching something familiar. Branding is not always direct. Using an already familiar style can increase the positive experience for your clients.

Explain your product. Show them what kind of problem you solve. How do you solve it for them and why should they choose you.

Bad web video branding:

We beg of you – don’t repeat your company’s name every 5 seconds. There is nothing more annoying than that.

Do not use your logo as a background for your web video. It looks like it is the unfinished version with a watermark on it.

Do not view your web video as a TV spot. Here you have the opportunity to really show and explain to your customers why they need you. Take advantage of that.

Those were our tips on how to brand your web video. See you next time!

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