How to create an amazing and popular YouTube channel

September 13, 2013

How to create an amazing and popular YouTube channel

With more than 1 billion unique users each month, YouTube qualifies as a marketing tool that is worth using. But in order to use it effectively, you need to create an amazing YouTube channel with lots of subscribers.

Let’s first explain what is a YouTube subscriber. Subscriber is a person who decided to follow your channel, so that he can stay updated with your brand’s latest videos. Subscriber is the key for more successful YouTube marketing at 2013.

We discussed our goals, now let’s explain how to achieve them.

First setup your YouTube Channel. It is important to pay special attention to your channel’s design. Chose an appropriate cover photo and logo icon. Or try at least to make your channel look good and professional. Post a great channel trailer and optimize your channel Title and Descriptions. The first impression of your channel might be crucial for your business.

If you want to engage your YouTube users with your other social profiles, it is good to add some social icons. You have the option to overlay one custom link and up to 4 social links on the bottom of your channel art. This can be modified in your YouTube channel settings.

How to get more YouTube subscribers

If you want to build an audience of loyal viewers, waiting for your next videos, you have to be consistent. Produce content on a regular basis and keep subscribers engaged. People will subscribe if they know, that you will periodically come out with more content.

Furthermore your videos must be valuable. People subscribe to valuable videos. Something that is so important to them, that they can’t afford to miss it. Your video must also be entertaining and remarkable.

And don’t forget to ask people to SUBSCRIBE.

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