How to make everything click in your video for a website

July 9, 2013

Entrepreneurship is a fine art and with the rise of the Internet putting up a business is easier than ever. The use of a video for a website is the ultimate way stand out from competition and establish trust with potential clients.

However, if we want to be successful in this regard we need to accept the fact that it is impossible to be liked by everybody.

When using a video for a website it is vital that we define our target group really well. Knowing the specific type of person we want to make happy is crucial. In order to produce a successful video for a website we should come up with a really detailed profile of the potential client including age, gender personality, tastes, way of thinking and habits.

When marketing a product or a service it is a must that we must take into consideration who exactly are we talking to through the video for a website. Each audience reacts differently and we should base everything on the taste of the targeted viewer. But how does this apply when producing your video?

Script in your video for a website

Video for a website

The script is the backbone of every website video. Coming up with a high quality plot is the key ingredient for making an elite production. We should know the specific traits of our targeted clients in order to pick the most relevant words and symbols when producing a video for a website.

For example if our goal is to reach IT specialist we should include words like code, programming languages, database to feature in the video for a website. The aim is not to make it accessible and digestible for the common viewer but rather leave the targeted group with the warm feeling that they are being taken of.

Music in your video for a website

Video for a website

The music should be taken into serious consideration when making a web video. It is extremely powerful for creating a particular emotion so we should be careful with our choices. When we know the taste of our target client we can pick the most appropriate melody for the background of the video for a website.

A good example is the clip we produced for where the music is dynamic and gives an adrenaline rush in a “James Bond” way. The aim of that video was to sell to people concerned with their safety high tech spy equipment. On the other hand we have the video for our website where the background is friendly whistling which establishes trust and he targeted viewer – a business owner who wants more sales.

Animation of your video for a website

Video for a website

This include every visual element of the video – the very format, the imagery, the effects and even the color and forms. The devil is in the details and smallest component can make a great difference. Knowing our niche and the way our audience think, we can select the best model for producing a video for a website so that we grab the attention of the right person in the right way.

For example we are after financial professionals and provide exclusive accounting software. It is a wonderful idea to feature dynamic graphics, statistics and numbers in our video for a website since these people are passionate about such things and have devoted themselves to them. It is important that we provoke specific people not everybody.

All in all, everything is based on the pillar that you must know where you are headed. A video for a website explains something and will lose its point when we don’t know whose question we are answering. A profile of the target group is the cornerstone of every production of video for a website.

– Danny Todorov

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