Explainer Video Tips – How to use emotion in your explainer video?

May 28, 2013

How to use emotion in your explainer  video?

When you are in the video production phase of an explainer video, it’s a good idea to think carefully about what kind of emotion you want to convey. It might not look like the most important element but it is going to impact how your viewers see your product. If you use emotion the wrong way, that might make your viewers turn your video off before they hear your call to action. So let’s look through some Do’s and some Don’ts of explainer video production before you make your leads cry.

Do: Make your explainer video exciting and impressive.

You have a relatively short period of time to grab your viewer’s attention and impress them. To achieve that goal it’s important for your explainer video to have an upbeat tonality.

That will be a key factor to stay through the whole length right until the call to action.

Don’t: Do not be overdramatic!explainer video

This might sound like the opposite of what we just said, but there is a fine line between them.

When you are selling software you cannot prompt a rage or a protest against the government. In the example it would be much more appropriate to use a calm tone of voice.

Do: Let the enthusiasm of your product shine!

This is the same business idea that you lost many nights of sleep for, you gave it your all and at the end you succeeded! Let your visitors get that vibe of your explainer video. In fact it is not hard to tell who does business for the money and who does it for the love. Position yourself as one of the businesses what just loves what they do.

Don’t: Don’t be boring!

It is a pain in the a** to watch a boring explainer video that just talks and talks. It puts off a bad vibe for your product. The whole point of an explainer video is to talk WITH your audience, not AT them. A mistake like that can cost you the pleasure of telling them to buy your product, as they would be far gone from your page.

Limit all the terms and technical jargon that only your staff understands and use simple words. Do not put huge chunks of text in the animations and use an expressive voiceover artist.

Do: Be careful with humor.

Humor is a knife with two blades. If you are going to use it in your explainer video, make sure to tell your joke to a few of your clients. If they don’t think its funny DON’T use it. You don’t want to hear the sound of crickets in the background when someone is watching your explainer video.

Emotion is an underestimated part of an explainer video. Always think before jumping into video production phase and share your ideas with your customers, not just your staff.

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