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May 14, 2013

The most common mistakes when using a website video.

Website video and video ads are getting bigger and bigger for a few years now. That does not mean that advertisers are using them all the right way. After a company has invested in their website video the last thing they want is for it not to be used in the most efficient way.

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So if you have finished with the production process, the most important part is up next – how to use it. Your website video should get to your visitors without being annoying and leave them with a good vibe. Below we have listed the most common mistakes advertisers make when using a website video.

Autoplay of your website video

There is nothing a visitor of your website hates more than having to search for the pause button after they have entered your website. Advertisers should be aware of the possibility of a turned up volume, the presence of someone else in the room and the personal space of their viewers.

There are some people that like to read the text before they watch the website video. Autoplay puts off a bad vibe about your brand and may turn some people away from your website in the first seconds they enter. So please – turn it off!


Sometimes companies do not think about the timing when they market their ideas. An advertisement of milk with cocoa at 11PM will never have the same effect as it would at 9AM. The length of the website video itself can cause problems. If you sell a well known product for the masses, you don’t need 5 minutes time to explain what they will get when buying from you.

Strategy for your website video

Before you start marketing your website video you need to have a strategy on how it will get to your viewers. Imagine you had a testimonial video, a product video and an explainer video. They all serve different needs of your business and they should NOT be treated the same. Some may be better to use in YouTube, some should be used only on your website and some in Vimeo.


The point of having a website video is to grab the attention of your visitors. You can not put it on the side like a banner, it should not be at the end of your Home page or at some other less visited page. Your website video should be located at a central place of your website and it should be clear that there is a video to help your customers.

So there you have it. Four of the most common mistakes when using your website video.

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