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February 21, 2014
Ivelina Atanasova, CEO
I love it! All terms and conditions were strictly observed and implemented and the teams patience and professional approach helped to achieve the expected results. We are extremely happy with our product, the quality delivered, prices, approach and the commitment that Lyubo demonstrated throughout the workflow. We will continue to rely on his services and sincerely recommend him as a partner whose solutions you can rely on.

Minko Vasilev, CEO
The service we received from Spider Videos surpassed our expectations, and the enthusiasm and creativity of the team of Lyuboslav Alexandrov surprised us pleasantly. Deffinetly will use their services again and I highly recommend them to any colleague in the industry. With the help of professionals such as Spider Videos the success of any Internet company is guaranteed.

Richard La Ruina, CEO
We have worked twice recently with Lyuboslav. After trying and failing for a long long time to find someone who can do a great Ident for our company, we found him, and his work is exceptional. He is fantastic to deal with, and a perfectionist who is also able to deliver work to a tight deadline. We'll continue to use him for all our future projects!

Dimitar Nikolov, Founder
Video marketing is slowly but surely becoming an important part of every brand's communications strategy. And these guys are ones of the few that really know how to create fascinating videos.

Alexander Dimitrovski, CEO
By starting a business focused on responsibility, partnership, trust and accuracy, we at AffiliateForMe needed a company that would produce a video explaining exactly these principles. Furthermore, the company had to share the same values and be guided by them. Spider Videos were our explicit choice, and the result of their work was excellent!

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