The six most effective ways to promote your business with video

August 6, 2013

Video advertising through live video  is just like every other marketing initiative.

We must first begin with defining a specific goal that will guide us through the whole process.

Moreover, it is important to have a detailed profile of the targeted customer, to know what kind of content is most relevant and which platform for sharing suits us best.

This ensures that everything in our live video campaign is perfectly synchronized for maximum positive results.

Here we have a list of successful models for using live video for promoting brands, products and services.


Telling your story with video

Probably, your business has its own unique story.

Using a live video to share it with people is a wonderful way to establish a genuine connection and trust.

In your live video, tell your customers how it all began, what inspired you to start your business. Share your experience with expanding and building up your brand, all the hardships you faced.

The live video should make your passion and love for what you do shine through.
The goal is to create an intimate feeling of authenticity.


Live from the kitchen

Each business strives to be the leader in its industry. A successful way to stand out is to “dissect” your company in front of the customers. The idea is to use a live video to demonstrate your whole process from start to finish.

You can even make a personal live video for each of your employees. Have them tell their story and show how they particularly contribute to the success of your company with his or hers unique expertise and enthusiasm.

Alternatively, you can make a tour of your beautiful office where you create your magic.
The concept is to connect the product or service with real personalities, which builds huge amounts of trust.


Client Service

The times when people contacted company representatives by phone when facing a problem are long gone. Nowadays, many businesses are smart enough to take advantage of the powerful Internet. Social Medias like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are great tools for delivering instant solutions to complaints and concerns from customers.

Warby Parker, a company that sells eyewear, pioneers in an extraordinary client service model.

They receive enquiries and feedback from clients on their Twitter account and then respond to separate individuals through live video. This is a wonderful way to build trust and loyalty, because everything is so personal. At present their YouTube channel has more than 1.400 live video uploads, each addressed at a unique person.


Viral Content

The aim here is to create something so bold, surprising and engaging that people would talk about it and share it. An excellent example is Felix Baumgartners’s stratosphere jump, sponsored by Red Bull, which was amazingly successful.

The problem, however, is that such live video costs a lot and not every business has the necessary budget. The solution- pure creativity. The live video for the Dove commercial is truly elegant and it touches people emotionally.


Client testimonials

Using a live video that features one of your clients is the bomb. It is priceless to have someone rave how awesome you are and wholeheartedly recommend you. The model is similar to an interview. This live video practice is so unbelievably effective because a real person is sharing firsthand experience.

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