Using Explainer Videos Internally

August 17, 2015


No matter if you are a real estate developer, selling custom made shoes or launching the next generation SaaS business, animated explainer videos can be one of your most powerful communication tools to grow your sales.


With video becoming the major way of communication, more and more companies, such as pCloud, GetLokal, Joyment and Link2Bulgaria have already recognized the benefits of using animated explainer videos to improve their businesses.

Not sure how an animated video could work for you?

Well, here are some of the top types of videos that are typically produced for internal communication purposes:


Staff Training

Companies are making explainer  videos for their internal use –  for new employees to watch and then ask questions later.  It saves them time and resources. You don’t need someone to sacrifice their regular tasks in order to conduct an in-person training session.

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Instead that person can simply answer some follow up questions in half an hour, after the new employee understands the basic concepts.


Introducing A New Product 

A lot of big companies are now using video to explain their existing or new products to employees.  Especially at larger firms, the time and resources to train each individual employee is miniscule. 

If a big firm launches a new product, they want everyone on board, so they make a video to explain it.  This way, everyone has a general overview of what’s going on — even if their particular position doesn’t pertain to the new product.


Internal Marketing Usage

Large companies need a way to market internally too.

Without proper internal marketing, a company can become scattered all over the place and lose it’s  cohesiveness. 

A short animated video is one way managers can show the company’s vision, strategy and any logistic needs.  Explainer videos provide a way to reach a multitude of people to communicate important information.

Companies can now quickly and easily teach all of their employees about core values, beliefs, and concepts that would take days of training.  Animated videos can foster discussion and dialog in a company, which can drive home a company’s internal messaging.

Even if you have private internal communication needs, you can still use video.  Your videos can be password protected, so if only the top executives need to know then you can create a private video to communicate.

So before you write that note, maybe it’s worth considering video as a viable long-term solution for your internal communications.

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