Video ad – What can a video ad do for your website?

June 19, 2013

What can a video ad do for your website?


Your online customers will definitely enjoy if you took care of them with a video ad. After they have found themselves on your website, the best way to keep them there longer is with a video ad. There are a few ways to increase the conversions your video ad gets you. Let’s talk about a few of them.


The goals and problems of your businessvideo ad


You’ve heard that quote that says “If you don’t know where you’re going you will probably end up somewhere else”. Well in business it is the same.

So in the beginning of the production of your video ad it’s important to answer a few questions that will clarify what your goals are, what your problems are and how to get there.

We always like business owners that can provide clear and precise information about their business so we know where to take their business’s ship. The clear intent of your video ad will generate great results for you and your team.


Targeting your viewers


After we have clear goals, it becomes much more easier to understand who exactly your client is and what answers is he looking for. If you try reading the astro-biology books to kids who would rather run and scream, you would we wasting your time. It is not always easy to say who your client is. Such a case for us was the production of a video ad for pizza Don Vito.

At first it looked like everybody is eating pizza, but when we looked closer we realized that pizza was eaten by hungry, too lazy to cook people.




The idea is pretty close to the SEO of your website. Your video ad should contain keywords and phrases of your business niche, which make it easy to find by your potential customers. To find useful keywords you can use the Google AdWords Keyword too.

You can choose a niche and see all the searched terms related to it and which ones convert most. The research can take some time but the right chosen keywords will pay you back.

That was all for today.

See you next Tuesday!

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