What is the price of video ads? Should you invest in video ads or not really?

July 16, 2013

The price of video ads.

video adsHow much do these video ads cost?

Way too often our clients start with this question before we even get to know each other. They expect from us to name an exact price for our video ads service but this is almost impossible at such an early stage. The reason behind this is that each and every of the web video ads is unique and has its own individual specifics which determines the end expenses. It is vital that the client explains his wishes and needs thoroughly so that we can offer the most value.

It is important to highlight that spending money on video ads is not the same as buying an iPhone where the Apple duplicates great quantities of the same device and sells it for a fixed price all over the world. On the other hand the production of video ads is a really complex and creative process. Everything differs from project to project. A far better analogy is to compare the purchase of video ads with buying a cake.

video adsIn both cases there are many variables to consider. It is one thing to make a simple biscuit cake which takes no more than an hour. And another to create a five-tier masterpiece with almonds, exotic fruit and three dimensional decorative flowers. The difference in the ingredients, the necessary time and the skill of the pastry chef is obvious. All these details affects seriously the price.

It is the same with the production of videos ads where we can contrast a short and simple typography with a breath-taking 3D animation. The latter is far more complex and demands a lot of time, thus costing a greater amount of money.
The component that has the greatest effect on the end price of these video ads is its goal. This is the core of the clip and it determines everything else. The first step is to identify the objective of the video ads we create – is to persuade, explain, engage or push emotional buttons… After this it is time to pick the most appropriate script, style, and sounding. Only then can we make a rough speculation on the price.



For example, if we want video ads that consist of a simple 3D cup which only rotates on a grey background, that is considered a simple project.  However, it is a whole new thing if we make Shrek juggle with the Donkey, Sqrat from Ice Age and a smurf. And all this happening in a magical chocolate world. The two examples are miles apart and producing the second concept will definitely cost a lot.


Calculating the price of a video ads service is tough and it depends considering numerous factors like the complexity, the timed needed for production, the sounding and so on. Naming an exact sum of money is impossible before coming up with a crystal vision for the video ads. If you decide to make a clip for your business, do have your budget in mind, but rather concentrate on clarifying your wishes and the way you present them. This is critical for the whole process. Nevertheless whatever video ads you prefer they are a great investment that pays off well in the future.

– Danny Todorov

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