Video advertising for small businesses. Why to use video for your business?

June 11, 2013

The format of video advertising is beginning to play a huge role in the online advertising for small business owners, but the advertising of pay-per-click form is losing its popularity.

PPC ads still provide quality website traffic but video advertising converts them better than any other form of advertising out there. Those facts are the reason why small business owners are investing more and more into video and less for paid traffic.


People are watching more video advertising than ever.видео реклама, video advertising


Especially web videos. Reports show that the video advertising  format is better and faster assimilated by the human brain and increases the present of conversion more than other advertising methods.

In the last quarter of 2010, 26% of the small businesses were using some kind of video advertising on their home page. No matter what type of video – explainer video, white board video, product video or a video presenter, the usage of web video had increased 19% since the last quarter of 2009. Those results are amazing!

The traffic through links to other websites in a text on the other hand is losing its power as people click less and less on those links. The predictions are that the trend of video advertising is going to rise more and more at the expense of older online advertising methods.


Video advertising and the small business = amazing combo!корпоративно видео, видео реклама,  video advertising


The future of online video advertising is damn bright. It is expected that July 2013 the internet traffic for video will get to and over 50% of all the traffic.

Sounds good, right?


Now is the time for online business owners to make some noise for themselves with video advertising.


As we all know and as Google AdSense reports show video banners have a much higher impact, CTR and conversion rate than static banners. A nice video with a professionally written script, voiceover and animation will have so much more impact on its viewers than text or a static banner picture. Because the nature of advertising is to grab attention and deliver a message.

Nothing can do that better than video.

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video advertising; видео реклама

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