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September 8, 2013

Surprise is a powerful video advertising tool because it provokes. People remember and talk about the unusual. Smart businesses leverage this knowledge and try to stand out from competition by going for extraordinary solutions.

Let’s see why surprise works and how it is applied in video advertising.


The unexpected is addictive

Scientist form Emory University, Atlanta and Baylor College, Houston concluded that surprise stimulates human brain in a manner similar to cocaine. Their experiment consisted of monitoring the brain of 25 volunteers in response to unexpected sequences of events. The whole experiment found that there is a strong correlation between surprise and pleasure.

Humans naturally crave the unusual and always seek novelty. An excellent example is the commercial for the Belgium TV channel TNT where we are kept on edge by a sequence of shocking extraordinary events. In the end, the viewer is so excited and surprised that he wants more and more.


Breaks the routine

Many people are living dry repetitive lives. They wholeheartedly want somebody to break the excruciating boredom. Surprise does a great job in this regard. The idea is to show up where you are not expected.

For example, the commercial for the cleaning product VIM Cream is truly original.

It begins by evoking a sad feeling. However, the ending is so out of the ordinary and funny that one can barely restrain from laughing.


Video advertising is not expensive

The tight budget is not always a hindrance. Quite the contrary. Small things, spiced up with creativity work miracles. That is because you are supposed to compensate the lack of resources with imagination.

Instead of trying to beat the competition by spending a fortune on your video ad, focus on surprising your audience with creativity.

This Thai Push Up Bra commercial is an elegant and affordable solution. It delivers a shocking ending, which is easy to remember.


Provokes conversation

By surprising somebody, you are practically giving them material to talk about. This is extremely valuable because you will be a topic of conversations. That’s how you gain popularity and establish reputation.  The video for Nolan’s Cheddar is a great example.

It strikes such an extraordinary ending that you cannot help but share it with the world. One is taken aback by the tough mouse, which fights for its life and its cheese. This commercial has over than 3 million views from all of its online uploads combined.


Video advertising establishes deep relationships

Do you remember the last time somebody surprised you? Can you recall that warm fuzzy feeling? Now think of the impact this gesture had on your relationship with this person and how It strengthened the bond. The same model is applicable in video advertising.

The idea is to root the provoked positive emotion in your brand and become closer with your audience. A great example is the endearing commercial for Robinsons, a British juice brand. Their concept is following the adventures of two friends and showing a twisted heart-melting ending.

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