Video marketing. What does it mean and how can video marketing help?

June 25, 2013

 What does Video Marketing really mean?video marketing


New technologies are a wonderful thing but they can have a side effect – a misunderstanding in the new terms that get widely used. Such a phrase now is “video marketing”.

People usually think of one of two things that “video marketing” can mean. One one side video marketing can be interpreted as “Marketing With Video” on the other side it can mean “Marketing A Video”.

Let’s look at those two cases.

 Marketing With Video

People use “marketing with video” when they sell a product or service and they use video to explain it. In most cases it includes incorporating a video in the methods for direct marketing or embedding an explainer or product video on their Home page.

Other examples of using  “marketing with video” can be:

Collecting data from your customers so you can improve your product or service.

Including a video into the e-mail marketing campaign to understand the percentage of people interested in your new product or service.

Using recorded webinars to generate more leads.

Here is an example of “marketing WITH video”

It’s main goal is to educate the visitors of our website why we do what we do without boring them to death by explaining why they need a video. This video would not be nearly as powerful if we uploaded it solely on YouTube.

Marketing with video is a means to better market your products and services to people that are your potential leads and clients.

Even marketing a video to people that are not your perfect buyer can have a significant effect for mouth to mouth marketing. After someone has typed in their name in your e-mail subscription form, Facebook page or Twitter page, it is a good idea to remind them of you and reward their interest with a nice web video.


Marketing A Video


Businesses that think of video marketing as of “marketing A video” in most cases are trying to build brand awareness. This is done by giving the viewers a taste of the idea and the concept in a small package deigned to get anywhere and get shared. In the best case scenario your video will be so compelling that it would get shared  by and in front of your target audience.

In this case you have reached your goal called viral video.Videos like that are mostly entertaining  and a lot less explaining.After your video marketing campaign is ready, your web video should get pushed on most of the video hosting and consumption providers like YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

Those videos are often accompanied by social media campaigns, they reach bloggers and fight for more views with any means necessary. Here is our favorite example of a successful viral video. This is what marketing A video  when talking about video marketing really means.

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