One year of quality video production

July 2, 2013

One year of quality video production

The first of July. What an iconic day. And it’s our birthday too!

First of all I want to say Happy Birthday to!

We started this journey one year ago with the only intent to provide quality video production to the online market. Our dream was and still is to help online business owners to better their communication with their customers with our explainer videos, product videos and video production in general.

We started small.

At the beginning of this awesome journey we had no idea what lies ahead for us. We started as a small experiment. We had no idea if we could make it or we would have to sell our website to another video production company. Luckily we found our first customer – a month and a half after we were live. That gave us hope. When you make that first sale you realize it can be done. You realize the market for web video production needs you and you can do something about it. from Spider Videos on Vimeo.

Not long after we found our second and third clients. They absolutely loved us and what we did for them. They were amazed by our web video production skills and we got more and more confident in what we were doing. More sales  for them, more happiness for us.видео продукция, video production


Now 365 days later the market for web video production is not the same. Not even close. One year ago you could have had an impact with a low quality video ad. Nowadays customers expect you to take care of them like other websites they use do. Like Dropbox. Your customers expect your video production company to do their job amazingly. Nothing less can be accepted.


And this is why we are still here and we have no intention to go anywhere. We will always strive to provide the best video production to you and your customers. We promise to continue doing that until the market for web video production does not exist anymore. And that won’t happen any time soon.


Thank you for believing in us and supporting us.


We love you!

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