How to get your video shared?

May 7, 2013

How to get your video shared


So your video production process is over. This does not mean that your work is done as well. Theelatives is just not enough. This is why we have listed some tips on not to increase the chances of your video getting shared.

Upload it everywhere but with different captions.

Share it on Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and whatever else your company has got. But do it smart. What we mean by that is to do your homework on how different platforms work. Twitter gives you 140 symbols to explain it, Facebook gives you a lot more text space, Pinterest likes pictures and YouTube needs a good thumbnail. Use the unique qualities of those platforms in your advantage.

Incorporate a “Share” button.

If I see a cool video – sure I’m going to share it on my wall. Make it easy for me!  Incorporate a share button in the video or somewhere near it where I can see it.

Write the post for me.

Yes. Write the post you want people to read on my wall. Maybe I won’t like it and I will delete it or change it. Or maybe I will and I will leave it just the way you wrote it.

Add a link for your video in your e-mail signature.

If you use e-mail marketing as a tool for getting new leads, it will be a great idea to put a link of your explainer video in your signature. That will make it easier for your potential customers to understand your business and if you make a good impression – they can share it.

Make your call to action about sharing.

If you don’t ask – you won’t get. Tell your viewers to share, comment and subscribe. That’s just three little words at the end of your video.  And if they can see the share button somewhere around the video or incorporated in it – gold.

So there you have it – our tips on how get your video shared

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