Web video advertising – How to use humor in web video advertising

August 18, 2013

Web video advertising and emotions

When going into web video advertising, you must exhibit particular features like high quality voice-over, meticulous sync between vocals and sound and creative animation.  However, all these technical aspects alone are not sufficient to inspire genuine interest. The secret is a pinch of humor that will add soul and color to the whole production. Why does humor work? 

Grabs attention

Most people are surrounded by dreary negativity. A funny web video advertisement comes as a breath of fresh air. Try making your audience smile and the gesture will be sincerely appreciated.

If you inject humor in your online video, it instantly becomes tempting to watch. It does not matter if your product is an ordinary toothbrush or a flash drive. People will give you the time and hear what you have to say.


Makes things digestible

Do you recall the tedious teacher from your school years? The one who spoke so monotonously that he would suck you in an absolute void of timelessness. Where every second is a whole eternity. Now think of his colleague whose classes you anxiously anticipated. You just knew that it would be a great pleasure because he used to make the quirkiest jokes.

You don’t  have to tell me where you learned more. Humor in a web video makes everything accessible. People pay close attention and take in complex ideas, which are presented in a lighthearted manner. This is critical if you are trying to convey a complicated concept with your video.


It is memorable

The likelihood of people recalling a fun explainer video is far greater.  Every boring and ordinary clip just fades as though it never existed. Will you be able to stand out and make a deep impression? Will you be remembered as “those guys with the funny commercial where the bully panda drops by every time you decline an offer for cheese”?


Emotions (Humor) disarm scepticism

Imagine your friend sets you on a blind date and you don’t know the other person. How will you make a good first impression? You have two options:

A) To gun your resume in the most dry manner.

B) To break the tension with a lighthearted joke or two.

Our personal experience tells us to stick with the second option. Humor in web videos is comforting and eradicates preconceptions and prejudice. It has the power to entice and charm.


Humor makes  web video advertising go viral

There is a chance that your web video is so compellingly funny and original that it goes viral. You might gain huge popularity and presence. The viewers will love it so much that they will turn into undercover agents spreading the word about you. Imagine the punchline from your video in common everyday conversation.  Or people whispering your melody. What’s better than that?


Humor is powerful but there is a line that should not be crossed. Sacrificing the clarity of your message in the sake of making people laugh is wrong. However, a well-measured and lighthearted wit might make all the difference and help you stand out.


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