Web Video Production: What Is Web Video Production and Why To Use It?

April 21, 2014

Web Video Production 101

web video productionYou don’t have to look at charts and statistics to see that most people prefer watching web videos rather than read a long  text.

In the past, websites were primarily made of text because there was no efficient way to incorporate visual content so that they would work seamlessly.

But now media streaming online technology has come a long way, and web video production of all shapes and sizes is a commonplace on websites because they can easily be watched anywhere. Even on your smartphone and tablet.


This means that every time a customer is searching for information online they no longer want to read lengthy text descriptions. They want to watch your web video instead.


Web Video Production Has Transformed Online Marketing


What does this mean for the online marketing industry?

The technology for web video production becomes more available and professional web video production companies are able to expand and deliver higher quality products at a more affordable price.

Web video production for corporate websites has become an increasingly more effective marketing medium to be investing in.

The increasing appeal of websites today often means that more and more website owners need to include short video elements in their website to accompany their SEO blog posts.

This adds additional value to a website that is already full of SEO text. Although search engine content is very effective in helping search engines identify what information is most relevant, it does not always engage an audience as well as a two minute animated video.

In fact, if a reader comes across a commercial website without a lot of visual impact or media to view, they will often become bored with the blog post or sales page.

However, studies have shown that great web copy paired with a high quality web video production, can really do a lot to help promote a product or service while increasing traffic to your website.


Web Video Production + Social Media = $ucce$$

After all, we live in a society that is all about “like-ability” and viral sharing.

Nowadays, we quantify success of video content on the web by counting “likes” or views on YouTube.

The social media networks and the impact that they have on audiences have the power to make or break a marketing campaign. The viral effect they can generate for a video is huge if your video content is well structured and taught of. 

A strong call to action to “share” and “like” a video can benefit your efforts in spreading the word. 

Web videos are becoming one the most popular information-sharing mediums.

We at Spider Videos add another level of innovation to your commercial website and demonstrate concepts to an audience through web video production in a way that is much more effective at converting web traffic to sales than written copy alone.

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    The rising petition of websites nowadays repeatedly means that extra and additional website owners require including small video basics in their website toward go with their SEO blog posts.


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